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PRESS RELEASE - April 5, 2016

posted Apr 5, 2016, 5:26 AM by Magara Star Football Club   [ updated Apr 5, 2016, 5:31 AM ]


It is with great sadness that we received a correspondence from the FFB Secretary General as a response to our letter dated April 4, 2016.

In the Secretary General’s letter, enclosed to this press release, he expressed couple of contradictory facts on which we would like to clarify:

-         He stated that he is surprised to hear that our team has already changed of name from Nyanza-Lac United to Magara Star FC but the truth is that the FFB is well aware of this since we wrote them in this regards early this year. Even FIFA has already changed the name to Magara Star FC. See link for details or just go to:

-         In the letter, the 1st Vice President claims to have informed me of the changes but the truth is that my first contact with him was on this Monday, April 4, since I came back from Canada. And on that Monday, we did not even discuss anything expect greetings.

-         On Friday, April 2, I had couple of telephone conversations with the General Secretary and he kept informing me that he was not aware of change of play-ground. On the same day, the 2nd Vice President of FFB informed me that he was not aware of change of ground. At the moment, the President of FFB was out of country. That being known, the only leader of FFB who was aware of that decision of play-ground is the 1st Vice President.

In brief, the 1st Vice President, who is at the same time an official of FFB and LLBS4A FC, is the only one who made that decision of play-ground change and all without abiding by rules of FFB. He made his point; he used his power and unfortunately got away with it. Obviously, he has “support” in all this.

We, as an up-country emerging team but with no influence, have no other means here expect to accept this defeat in humility and silence just hoping that one day things will change for the interest of Soccer.

Going forward, we will continue to participate in the Primus League A as scheduled. And it is our hope that local matches will be played at Magara since we have not received any formal correspondence cancelling our play-ground.

To our dear fans, we ask you to remain calm and continue to love and support Burundian Soccer as we all hope for a better future. One day, justice will be rendered. Let us keep on believing in Soccer.

Live Soccer, Live Magara Star FC!

For the Team,


John-Clinton Nsengiyumva,


Magara Star Football Club,
Apr 5, 2016, 5:26 AM