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Magara Star Football Club "Magara Star F.C." is a soccer team based in Magara, located on the West-Southern cost of Burundi, along the Tanganyika Lake in the Province of Rumonge

The Team "Magara Star FC" was founded by John-Clinton Nsengiyumva on March 31, 2014 through his philanthropic foundation "Nsengiyumva Global Development Foundation" (NGD Foundation), with the aim of promoting Sports in Burundi and giving an opportunity to young soccer player to develop their talents into professional soccer.

The team Magara Star Football Club, a member of Star Sports Department of NGD Foundation, was given an autonomous status and is therefore managed as per its by-laws in day-to-day club business (abiding by FFB and FIFA codes, rules, and regulations of Football Clubs).

On January 9, 2016, Mr. John-Clinton Nsengiyumva transformed Nyanza-Lac United FC (a first division team he has acquired on January 6, 2016) and made it part of Magara Star FC. Then, the latter joined the First Division League of FFB Burundi for the first time ever in history. Magara Star came in under the ticket of Nyanza-Lac United.

The Current Flag of the Team "Magara Star FC".

The Former Flag of the Team "Magara Star FC".

The Current Logo Sign of the Team "Magara Star FC"

The Former Logo Sign of the Team "Magara Star FC"

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